Starting this new project

Hello everybody!

When I decided to start this blog, I had in mind ‘trying to solve day-to-day questions that come into my mind, and probably into some of yours’. Time passed by and no advances were made. I focused on my research project, leaving this blog completely abandoned.

After some time, I decided to reactivate it but, that time, with my personal point of view. No progress was done that time either. However, this time I can say this goes on for real. Why? Because I quit research and I jumped into a Science Journalism and Communication Master. What will happen now, I don’t know. I haven’t closed any door yet but I am enjoying watching Science through another side and learning to communicate it better.

As a scientist, sometimes I get too serious with knowledge and stuff in general but I truly believe that life is for fun and we should try our best to get a life full of laugh and joy. We can achieve this by dedicating ourselves to our passion/s and trying to spread this enthusiasm to other people. I was born a very curious child and though, as time went by, I calmed down, I became a scientist due to this intrinsic nature.

This curiosity for Nature is what I am going to try to share with you during this blog journey. Would you like to join me?

PS: you can find more posts in the Spanish and Catalan versions of this blog.

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